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An exclusive designation for those dedicated to providing monthly support of The Discovery’s mission.

By becoming an I ❤ Science Society member, you will make a significant impact on how The Discovery serves our community now and in the future. Join this special collective of individuals and families who love science and lifelong learning as passionately as you do and you’ll have access to exclusive benefits offered only for Society members!
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Three great reasons to become a Society member:

  1. Your monthly gift will help the museum inspire our future scientists, researchers, and innovators. With your support, we’ll continue to grow our programs, including our Financial Assistance program, which allows schools and families who cannot afford the cost of field trips or memberships to visit the museum.
  2. By making a monthly gift, you are providing The Discovery with consistent support to advance the museum’s mission. With that dependable support we can provide more permanent and featured exhibitions, new and exciting hands-on programs, and more, all because of you.
  3. Becoming a monthly donor now ensures that in the future, we are prepared for unforeseen circumstances and emergencies, and we’ll have the support we need to continue to serve our community.

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“I ask others who love the museum and have seen how much it adds to our community to take the simple step of making a monthly donation. We want and need The Discovery to be here for a long, long time.”

— Judy Caviglia, monthly donor

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